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Are you searching for the most professional rug cleaning near me services? At North Lauderdale Carpet Cleaning, you can depend on us. We are the best local rug cleaners. Thanks to our latest pro equipment for residential and commercial area rug cleaning, we will execute deep cleaning with ease and guarantee the complete removal of any grime or stain.

Our team has the experience and skills to perform different cleaning techniques like machine steam cleaning and hand washing. Note that the cleaning method we use depends on the condition and type of the rug. We also use natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly cleaning products, rotating brushes, and powerful suction machines to loosen any dirt and suck in all the grime.

Do you prefer a natural rug drying process? We are ready to take your rug and clean it offsite. With this stain removal and deep cleaning option, you can be sure of professional rug cleaning services. Get in touch now 954-302-2057, and let's do this!

Our Step-By-Step Rug Cleaning Process

Before hiring a rug cleaning business in Florida, many owners research the cleaning process first to help them narrow down to the best choice. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how our team will handle the rug cleaning.

Pre-Inspection of Rug Fibers and The Rug's Condition

Before we settle on the cleaning process, our technicians will visit your premises to inspect your rug. Visiting your home or business allows us to analyze the potential damage and stains. It is also a chance to listen to any concerns you might have so that we can develop a custom strategy that will satisfy you.

Color Fastness Testing

Our professionals prioritize color tests to determine if the rug color runs. Different materials are used to make rugs, and the cleaning products that perfectly work on a particular rug fiber might fade another rug. You can be sure that based on the color test, the solutions we use will not damage the original shade of your synthetic area rug or heirloom oriental rug.

Cleaning Rugs and Stain Removal

What follows is thoroughly vacuuming and washing the rug to get rid of dirt, dry soil, and dust. This is among the most vital step in the rug cleaning process. We ensure we spot any stains present. Our experts will then work on cleaning the stains to ensure your area rug comes out spotless.

Optional Rug Deodorizing and Sanitizing

Besides the regular cleaning, we will also deodorize and sanitize the area rug for you. Sanitizing reduces the number of bacteria that might be present or developing. Deodorizing makes sure that your rug smells nice. When deodorizing or disinfecting, we use products with no potential danger. However, we only offer this service upon request and at additional cost.

Drying Time after Onsite Cleaning

After cleaning, the rug needs some time to dry. We recommend natural and eco-friendly drying processes. That guarantees the safety of your rug.

Final Inspection after Offsite Cleaning

Once we are done with cleaning, we will take some time to inspect the area rug before we drop it off again to you. In addition, we will do a last check with you to ensure you are content with the outcome. Our goal is to leave you with deep cleaned area rugs.

Why You Need Us for Rug Cleaning Services in Florida

Are you wondering why we are the best rug cleaning team locally? It's because we know the best way to clean a rug. More so:

  1. We are licensed and insured.
  2. We clean onsite at your home or commercial premises and offer offsite rug cleaning in our shop.
  3. We offer free pick-up and drop-off services when you choose cleaning offsite.
  4. We have tools and equipment to handle different types of cleaning for rugs and steam couch cleaning.
  5. We are experienced in cleaning oriental and Persian rugs, as well as handmade and antique masterpieces.
  6. We handle synthetic and natural area rugs, and also deep clean carpets.

Besides cleaning, we are at your service for emergency needs such as:

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If you are searching for reliable area rug, Persian rug, and oriental rug cleaning services, reach out to us at North Lauderdale Carpet Cleaning. There's no residential or commercial rug cleaning task our team of competent specialists can't handle. Call us at 954-302-2057 for prompt assistance.
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Elise Nelson
High traffic carpet cleaning. After service the areas looked much better and smells terrific. The service of Jose was great!
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I needed a black mold removal service after noticing black mold on the walls of my basement. This team did a thorough mold mitigation job without the use of harmful chemicals. A great quality service overall!
Jill Jupp
I am glad that I found this cleaning company because their carpet cleaning service is out of this world. My carpet looks as good as new which makes me feel proud every time I walk into my home. Thank you guys!
Jovan Medhurst
Their inspector did a great job at finding black mold hiding behind the kitchen cabinets. He was informative and helpful. A very good mold testing service that proved to be thorough and effective.
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