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At North Lauderdale Carpet Cleaning, we specialize in the complete mold removal and remediation of infested surfaces. We assist our clients in preventing these fungi from destroying their properties. If you see any sign of infestation in your home, we are one call away from you. Our services are one of the best available in North Lauderdale, FL. Call 954-302-2057.

Some Facts about Mold

The nature of mold is one that can be very harmful and dangerous if not attended to on time. As soon as you see any sign of infestation around any area of your house you should start seeking "mold remediations around me," which is North Lauderdale Carpet Cleaning. The signs of mold around the house are easy to notice if you pay attention to their features. They usually come in different colors but the common one is black. These fungi thrive in damp areas or an area with high humidity and need to be removed before they spread.

We commit to professional service delivery for all our customers that ensures a total remediation service. We keep homes clean, safe, and free from all forms of mold infestation. You consider reaching out to us if you are faced with the challenge of infestation in your home.

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Our Services in North Lauderdale

We provide a wide range of services, and any of them can be accessed. We commit to using the best available methods. We also make use of eco-friendly tools and cleaning reagents to create a safe space for everyone and the world. Here are some of the services we offer:

Professional Mold Detection and Assessment

The first step of our remediation process is to carry out a thorough mold inspection of the building and test to confirm the presence of these fungi and decide on the best cleaning method for the surfaces.

Visible Mold Removal, Cleaning and Sanitizing

Our cleaning process follows standard practices, and we meticulously follow this process to guarantee you an absolute service delivery. The removal process involves getting rid of molds and their spores, we also ensure that the whole surface is properly cleaned by applying antimicrobial chemical to sanitize the surface.

Professional Mold Remediation

To ensure the integrity of our remediation services we make use of mold remediation supplies and chemicals that not only get rid of these microorganisms, but also keeps the entire surface clean and safe for use. Our equipment and chemicals are safe for humans and pets, you have nothing to worry about when we handle your cleaning service.

Restoration Services

We wipe out all signs that the molds might have caused on your walls, floors or furniture. Our restoration service involves bringing back the original nature of the formerly infested surface after the removal of the fungi.

Why Choose Our Mold Experts?

As a licensed mold remediation service provider, we deliver a professional cleaning experience to all our customers. We assure you of the complete removal of any infestation after our efficient cleaning technique. Our service plan is also very flexible, we can offer only inspection and testing to confirm the presence of molds in the house or carry out our entire remediation procedures depending on the demands of the client.

We have excellent customer relationships and keep our communication channels open for follow up and feedback. Our team is made up of certified mold remediation specialists who are well trained in handling the equipment and safe cleaning operations.

We offer free price estimates for all our customers, but the most accurate quote is available only after onsite inspection.

Better Service For Your Property

Our aim is to provide the best service possible for our clients, in terms of both quality and availability. To this end, we have partnered with FDP Mold Remediation to provide timely and efficient service, especially for larger mold remediation projects where time is of the essence. We are proud that this will help us meet our goals for all of our clients.

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Testimonials & Reviews
Elise Nelson
High traffic carpet cleaning. After service the areas looked much better and smells terrific. The service of Jose was great!
Niels Proch
I needed a black mold removal service after noticing black mold on the walls of my basement. This team did a thorough mold mitigation job without the use of harmful chemicals. A great quality service overall!
Jill Jupp
I am glad that I found this cleaning company because their carpet cleaning service is out of this world. My carpet looks as good as new which makes me feel proud every time I walk into my home. Thank you guys!
Jovan Medhurst
Their inspector did a great job at finding black mold hiding behind the kitchen cabinets. He was informative and helpful. A very good mold testing service that proved to be thorough and effective.
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