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Our team offers professional mold testing for commercial and residential customers in different types of buildings. Our extensive expertise in this industry provides us with a special viewpoint on mold, moisture concerns, and the testing that goes along with them. In North Lauderdale, FL, we've helped customers with mold assessment in literally hundreds of commercial and residential structures.

We know that mold problems need to be addressed promptly. We have chosen a partner to team up with locally to make sure that our customers receive service quickly when they request it. We rely on O2 Mold Testing, a team of highly qualified mold specialists who provide accurate mold testing for homes and businesses.

So anytime you want to check your property for mold, rely on us. Call 954-302-2057 to schedule an appointment.

How Mold Testing is Performed by Us

Here are a few crucial steps we take to test mold:

Air Sampling Method

The species and amount of airborne mold spores inside the target region are measured via air sampling. For comparison, a minimum of one air sample from outside and inside the building is necessary. It might take several days to get laboratory results from air sampling.

Surface Sampling Method

Surface sampling can be taken from a number of surfaces to detect mold growth, excessive spore activity, and mold genera located on the surface of concern. There are options for both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Without mold testing, it's hard to understand what is going on with your indoor air quality. Since our air and surface samples provide clear proof regarding the air quality in your home or office, our service is extremely helpful.

Lab Sample Analysis

Sample analysis is conducted in an independent certified laboratory. The procedure involves placing pertinent parts (or all) of the mold sample onto a glass microscope slide, staining the sample with a mold spore-absorbing dye, and examining the sample for indications of mold growth.

After making all necessary tests we provide the results and professional mold remediation protocol if needed.

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Schedule Your Mold Testing Today

Unless you've handled mold problems before, it's natural to be unsure about what to do next and where to start. If you can detect mold, you might be asking why do you need a mold inspection? In general, mold may grow anywhere in your home or business, and even a small amount of water staying and being absorbed into the structures can do significant harm.

Together with our partner, O2 Mold Testing, North Lauderdale Carpet Cleaning can assist with mold inspections and testing with quick and accurate results. This partnership ensures the highest level of service and superior response times for all our customers. Don't wait any longer. Call us today to schedule services with our local team of professionals!

Answers to Mold Testing FAQs

Do We Provide Black Mold Checkups?

Black mold has negative effects linked to the respiratory system, which is why it's crucial to detect it early. And yes, we provide black mold testing service in North Lauderdale area.

Mold Inspection and Mold Testing: What Should You Choose?

A mold inspection only searches for mold and attempts to estimate the extent of mold issues (generally in square feet).

Mold testing, on the other hand, attempts to detect the types of fungi found in your property as well as the density of mold spores in the air.

Both services are important, but they solve different issues. If you are not sure which service you need, feel free to contact our dispatch point at 954-302-2057.

When is Mold Testing Service a Must?

There are a few factors that might indicate whether or not you have mold in your house. Musty odors, peeling wallpaper, persistent allergies, chronic illness, and a variety of other issues are among them. There are places where mold can hide and you might not even notice it. Professional mold testing service recognizes the signs of mold and figures out the type of it.

What is the Common Cost of Mold Testing?

Unfortunately, we can't give quotes by phone as each case is unique. The cost depends on the number of samples, size of the affected area, the complexity of the space, and other factors. Request a professional estimate by calling us today.

Is Mold Testing a Time-Consuming Procedure?

A simple inspection may take around two hours, while a thorough examination of the complete building might take up to six hours. Testing results will be available in two to five business days (rush service available).

Still have questions? Ready to schedule mold testing? Call and we will solve your mold issues in a professional and timely manner.
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Elise Nelson
High traffic carpet cleaning. After service the areas looked much better and smells terrific. The service of Jose was great!
Niels Proch
I needed a black mold removal service after noticing black mold on the walls of my basement. This team did a thorough mold mitigation job without the use of harmful chemicals. A great quality service overall!
Jill Jupp
I am glad that I found this cleaning company because their carpet cleaning service is out of this world. My carpet looks as good as new which makes me feel proud every time I walk into my home. Thank you guys!
Jovan Medhurst
Their inspector did a great job at finding black mold hiding behind the kitchen cabinets. He was informative and helpful. A very good mold testing service that proved to be thorough and effective.
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